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Action plan for 2011
Опубликовано: 13.04.2017

Plan of events of
International Project
"We are the Children of Oilmen" 2011

Date Event Organizers Venue Notes
January 15 Start of the international branch of creative competition "we are the children oilmen” 2011 NP "mir nauki” and partners Moscow  
February 8 Day of russian science      
February 18 The solemn ceremony of awarding the winners and winners of the first international competition "we - the children of oilmen" 2010м NP "mir nauki”, partners Gubkin russia state university of oil and gas  
March 14-16 First russian petroleum congress
NP "mir nauki"
Concord Business Service, partners
World trade center Moscow  
March 15 Supply of oil and gas complex, neftegazsnab NP “Mir nauki”, "Moscow oil and gas conference," partners Moscow  
March 23-26        
May Nuclear power 2011 NP "mir nauki”, partners China, Beijing You are invited
Discuss conditions for participation
May 19
May 29 Construction of oil and gas industry, neftegazstroy NP " Mir nauki ", "Moscow oil and gas conference", partners Moscow  
II quarter 10-year anniversary of the NP "Mir nauki" NP " Mir nauki”, partners    
A decade of june
21 - June 24 Theme spe applied technology workshop NP " Mir nauki”, partners Moscow  
III quarter 11-th Moscow international exhibition "oil and gas" / Mioge 2011 NP "Mir nauki”, partners Ite, expocentre  
September 4
IV quarter The event is timed to an employee of oil, gas and fuel industry NP " Mir nauki”, the ministry of energy, partners Ministry of energy  
15-20 October Oil and gas field services in russia, neftegazservis NP " Mir nauki ", "Moscow oil and gas conference," partners Moscow  
18-20-oct International technical conference and exhibition spe «mining in artik and regions of extreme climate." NP “Mir nauki”, reed exhibitions, spe, partners Moscow  
04-08 December 20th WORLD PETROLEUM CONGRESS 2011 - 20 - th World oil Qatar, Doha Received an invitation. Discuss the conditions for participation


Executive Director I.G. Terentyeva