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Наши новости/Our news

16.11.2010 SPE Press Release

      The exposition of works by participants of the first international brunch creative contest "We are the Children of the Petroleum men" has been held within the Third Russian Oil & Gas exploration and production Technical Conference and Exhibition SPE on October 26 – 28.

      On October, 26 a Solemn Opening Ceremony of the exposition of works by the participants of the first international brunch creative contest "We are the Children of the Petroleum men" has been held in the pavilion 75 of All-Russia Exhibition Center. For the first time in history of the global oil industry the non-commercial partnership Mir Nauki is realizing the international brunch creative contest "We are the Children of the Petroleum men".  The President of the Society of Petroleum Engineers 2011 Alain Labastier and the SPE Brunch Director Claudia Rodionova visited the opening ceremony to execute their honor commitment of “cutting” the red ribbon. They thanked the NP "Mir Nauki" Executive Director Irina G. Terentyeva for her work to foster the good image of professionals in the oil and gas industry.

      On October, 27 the contest named "These sweet words Oil and Gas" has been traditionally opened. This contest was organized by NP Mir Nauki for the participants and guests of the forum during the exposition. Also during this day our exposition was visited by the foreign delegations of industry experts from Britain, France, Germany, Norway, USA and China.

      In the evening the President of SPE 2011 Alain Labastier visited the exposition again. He took to "Long-term storage" the work titled "My Family" by Catherine Konovalova from Bashneft Company. This unique work represents five Russian dolls symbolizing five members of working family of Petroleum men. The work includes: father, mother and their three children. The work became a candidate to be including in the Gold Fund of the Competition. Alain Labastier noted that this work is very symbolic, because the competition helps to solve a very important industry problem - that of succession of generations of the Petroleum men and make possible to restore the traditions of labor dynasties of oil industry.

      On October, 28th the main event participants - children from different countries came at the exposition. The day began with a solemn graduation ceremony of the participants of the International brunch Creative Contest “We are the Children of the Petroleum men” during the Young professionals’ workshop. The Executive Director of SPE Mark Rubin and the architect of the Contest`s concept, Head of drilling department of "TNK-Uvat” Company Alexander G. Terentyev gave out commemorative diplomas and gifts to the children. Then the Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Competition, Irina G. Terentyeva, addressed to the audience and expressed the hope that soon their children will join the winners of the Contest and will stand proudly on the stage watching to their parents applauding them. After the ceremony the children’s delegation accompanied by the Oil Queen visited some stands of leading companies of oil and gas industry, such as TNK BP, Halliburton, Shlumberger, Burtechnologii, and also the stand of Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas. At each stand children were met by Representatives of the companies, and then they followed the special presentation. During the excursion the children received some commemorable gifts from the host companies.

      But the surprises for the children were not over. Returning at the exposition Mir Nauki they tasted the sweet chocolate oil fountain with traditional Russian "Ivan-Tea."

      For the first time in the history of the contest "These sweet words Oil and Gas”, the children choose the best work of adults. Zoe Beeusaert from Palisade Company, UK became the winner of this contest.
Then all the guests and the participants of the contest "We are the Children of Petroleum men" were invited to the banquet organized by SPE.

      A detailed report of this event and all the information about the contest will be available soon at our site www.mirnauki.ru 

From L to R:

the SPE Brunch Director Russia Claudia Rodionova

NP "Mir Nauki" Executive Director Irina G. Terentyeva

The President of the SPE 2011 Alain Labastier
The children’s delegation headed by the Oil Queen
Zoe Beeusaert (Palisade EMEA, UK) the winner of the contest "These sweet words Oil and Gas” The children and the employees of Halliburton Company